Hi! I’m Tara Craven, FNS. Self-proclaimed foodie and former body builder. I’ve always joked that I'm the laziest fit person you’ll ever meet. People don’t always believe me when I say that. I hear, “No way! You must do intense workouts!” But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I exercise for my wellbeing and practice mindfulness with my diet.  I believe there is no need to give up all of your favorite foods to achieve your wellness goals.  At the end of the day, it's all about balance.

The key is learning how to listen to your body. I was forced to do this during my struggle with fibromyalgia. It forced me to connect with how my food choices, stress, and activity affected my body.

I became really good at having this mind-body connection and want you to experience the same liberation.

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Trust me, I’ve been in the medical field for 16 years. I’ve witnessed the correlation between stress, poor diet, and chronic illness.  

There is no judgement if you’ve struggled. I know struggle, and I can help you break free from your bad habits. 

Imagine the sense of empowerment, confidence, and integrity you'll feel from making your health a priority.   

Best of all, the freedom of choice you'll feel, the mindful awareness, and the inspiration you'll create for others as they seek their own wellness.

If you’re interested in seeing if my personalized nutrition services are a good fit for you, let’s connect!  Food is my passion, helping you is my purpose.

During our chat, we can discuss your struggles and what needs to be done to make your diet feel less like sacrifice and more like a lifestyle. PLUS we’ll map out clear next steps for how to get started the second after you’re off the phone with me. 

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Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Fitness Nutrition Specialist


Orange County, California

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