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5 Ways I can Help You Look Good Naked

What would it take for you to fit into your favorite jeans? Feel confident in a swimsuit? Maybe even check yourself out as you walk past the bathroom mirror, naked. Like, damn, I look good.

Most people will begin focusing on exercise. They’ll say, “I have to start working out again.” Maybe even hire a personal trainer.

I love personal trainers, and I firmly believe exercise is an absolute must for overall wellness. It’s important for the chemistry in your brain. It’s necessary for heart health. It’s important for maintaining bone density and joint mobility. But, unless you change your food, the outward results you seek aren’t going to happen.

Why a nutrition coach is essential in helping you reach your goals.

1. Undo the mindset of using exercise to make up for poor eating habits

You can’t out workout a bad diet. Ok, well, maybe you can. It’s known as hypergymnasia. And is associated with injuries, social impairment and depression. Using exercise as the way you maintain your weight is tricky. Life happens, some days you can’t get to your 45 minutes of rigorous activity. Shit, sometimes you just might not feel like working out. If you don’t understand how to eat proportionately to your activity level, then you will likely struggle to manage your weight. It is a set up for failure. You consistently eat, but you may not consistently workout. As a certified fitness nutrition specialist, I help my clients understand how to adjust their diet based on how they feel, how much they move, and what their unique needs are.

2. Get a second opinion

Have a busy life? Work, gym/yoga, errands, cleaning, cooking, time with family, and connecting with friends. Leaves very little time to focus on your nutrition. I’m sure you know what you should be eating. At least for the most part. You probably also love some wine, comfort food, and yummy treats. Maybe, on occasion, you might have a tendency to overeat. Especially during holiday weekends, after dieting for extended periods of time, or when you’re stressed.

I’ve spent my life dedicated to learning about the human body, food, and personal development. Allow me to simplify things for you. Having someone who is passionate about helping you succeed could be just the thing you’ve been missing.

3. How to eat food that you didn’t prep

So much of our social lives revolve around food and drinks. Food brings us together. We connect over food. We talk about our favorite foods. We share photos of our food. Do you eat mostly health, but struggle to be consistent with your habits? Together we can determine which habits are worth keeping and which ones need replacing. Prepping and following an acceptable food regimen might not mesh well with your lifestyle, or your food preferences. What works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. How will you navigate going out to eat if your plan doesn’t make it feel like that’s possible? I’ve been the girl that brought my own food to gatherings. It’s weird, and it’s absolutely not necessary for getting results. When you know better, you do better. I can teach you how to make reasonable food choices and still reach your goals. And if you F*** it all up at dinner, I will be there to get you back on track.

4. Get out of the fad diet cycle

Paleo, Dairy-free, gluten-free, low carb, keto, flexitarian, clean/whole30…the list goes on. Yes, I’ve heard of nearly all of them (but I’m never surprised when a new one makes its way to the top of the fad list). I know the MLM programs and community weight loss challenges. Above all, I understand why these become so popular, to the point that you will spend your money investing in them and not sticking with it for the rest of your life. You want it easy, you want results, and you want it quickly before you get distracted by a cookie. No hating on cookies, they’re not the bad guy. In fact, I could have you lose weight on a cookie only diet if that is what you really wanted. No, it wouldn’t be healthy, but the point is, I understand how to make that work and I could teach you. I want you to sustain your habits, and thus, maintain your goal. I don’t just want you to reach it, I WANT YOU TO MAINTAIN IT. If you didn’t learn how to do that in the first place, then you’re likely on a diet and off a diet so much that you feel the need to tell people when you’re on a diet. I teach my clients how to eat for the rest of their lives.

5. Stop calling it a “cheat meal”

Please, stop demonizing food. Food is potential energy. That’s it. It’s either high in nutrient density or low. It’s not good or bad. It’s not allowed or off limits. If you typically chose to avoid any dessert or indulgences for fear of it being the catalyst for falling back into bad eating habits, please reach out to me. I have clients that eat an ice cream bar every night (of course I wish they ate something more nutrient dense) and they are still making progress every week. This is because they understand energy balance. They know fruits and vegetables are healthier, but they are freaking humans and they have tastebuds! There are far more people who like hyperpalatable foods (high in sugar, fat and salt) than a kale salad. If you like kale, that’s cool too, but let’s be reasonable. No food is solely responsible for your lack of adherence to portion control. My goal is to teach you how to incorporate foods you enjoy to eat, because let’s be real, you want it all, look good naked and eat your cake too.

Send me an email let’s connect and figure out a plan that you’re comfortable with.

Stay well.

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