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Updated: May 23, 2020

What kind of thoughts are you having? Do you stop to consider if they are true? Do they propel your evolution, or do they keep you small? If the thoughts are negative, do you say it out loud?

An example of speaking negative thoughts out loud is struggling to remember names when you meet people. So, you say out loud, "I'm terrible with names." Reinforcing the behavior, by being more focused on your inability to retain information.

This sort of thing also happens when it comes to our wellness. Example: I can't stick to my diet. The negative thought attaches bad habits to identity. Reinforcing the behavior of not sticking to a diet. If you tell yourself you're the type of person that can't stick to your diet, then you wont. You keep the limitations you fight for.

There is a connection between our self talk and the actions we take throughout the day.

Recently, I listened to this amazing podcast with Ed Mylett and Trevor Moawad about the power of negative thoughts. I'm sure, you know negative thoughts are not helpful. Just like you know you should eat healthier for your wellness. But it doesn't mean we always practice good habits. Why is that?

Simply put, it has to do with our ego. Our identity is comprised of our beliefs and self image. If we believe deep down that we are not the person we are trying to be, and our image doesn't match that ideal either, then we wont be able to become that person. If our identity is that of someone who regularly overindulges and prefers limited physical activity, then we will emulate the behavior of a person who prefers that lifestyle. Emulating the behaviors of a healthier person would be death to the ego. And nothing dies without a fight.

So, ego will try to convince you it's too hard to achieve your goals. Ego will try to convince you that it would be better if you didn't feel like taking action. Ego will remind you of all the potential sacrifices and struggles you might have to endure. It'll try to keep you in the familiar comfort of the way you've been doing things, because those behaviors align with that ego.

Does that make sense?

How do we push past the limits of our ego to achieve our goals then?

We become aware of our inner thoughts, we mind the language we speak, and we visualize the person we want to become. We adopt the new identity, a new ego, speaking and acting as if we have already become that person. If you believed and visualized you were already the healthiest version of yourself, then you might begin acting or behaving like a healthy person. What does the healthiest version of yourself eat? How do they talk? What activities do they participate in? What thoughts run through that person's mind?

In the podcast, a few interesting facts were discussed about the power of our thoughts. I'd like to share them with you, in case you need more convincing to work on this.

  • negative thinking is 4-7 times more powerful than positive thinking (which means positive thinking is important, but it's even more important to curb your negative thoughts)

  • 83% of illnesses are exacerbated or stem from negative thinking (I have witnessed this first hand. In my 16 years in the medical field, the mood/personality of people with chronic illness was generally unhappy people. You might think, they are unhappy because they have chronic illness. But, you may want to consider the alternative. Illnesses are exacerbated by stress, and negative thinking is a form of mental stress. Most positive, happy people, overcome their illness. Or at the very least, use their experience as a way to help others. Rather than feeling badly for themselves.)

  • saying negative thoughts out loud is 10 times more powerful than just thinking negative things. Which means, you are stunting your abilities by thinking negatively, and then compounding 10 fold when you say it out loud. It makes the negative thought significantly more powerful when it comes out of your mouth.

A great mindset is absolutely necessary for anything you want to achieve, but it only accounts for 3-5% of progress. It a tiny part of the process. Mindset shift might help us get started but it wont be enough to sustain a result on its own. It's simply not enough to just think that you're going to achieve your goal. You have to take action. Minding the way you speak about yourself to yourself and to others is a great place to start.

Another action is accepting you need help, and making contact with a resource.

One of the things I notice when it comes to diet, complexity is the enemy of execution. If you have to completely change your grocery shopping list, and stick to a rigid list of food options, it's too complex! Very few people have the sort of will power that can sustain that kind of 180 change. So, if you have a history of falling off the bandwagon when it comes to dieting, you are likely choosing to participate in plans that are too complex. In fact, most people approach their diet this way and then revert back to old habits and food preferences.

When you've tried and failed, over and over, it's inevitable that the inclination is not talking positive about yourself. The subconscious seed continues to be watered with negativity. Making each attempt feel like another failure, when in reality, you just needed some guidance.

If this sounds like your struggle, please reach out to me

I promise, if you're willing to be vulnerable with me and ask for help, I will do my best to lift you up and get you on track. You just have to meet me halfway.

Food is my passion, helping people is my purpose. I'm here for you.

Stay positive.

Stay well.

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