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Last year, I started being more serious about wanting to read more. It was always something I said I was going to do, but lacked integrity to stick with. I had to give myself a swift kick in the ass to start the habit, but once I did, my mindset and perceptions expanded. My curiosities grew so much I found myself starting multiple books at a time, listening to one on audible while working out, and reading a physical book before bed. Need to improve a skill? There's a book for that.

I'd like to share with you a few of the books that have improved some aspect of my life.

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

This has to be my favorite book of all time. There are so many deep concepts sprinkled throughout the story. The story is about following your soul's purpose, not giving up when it gets difficult, about the importance of being present and aware. I could read this book every year and I would probably get some new gem of perception from it. Even though the story is not modern, all of the teachings from it apply to daily life.

Becoming Supernatual - Dr. Joe Dispenza

I became curious about Dr Dispenza after I heard him on Ed Mylett's podcast. The conversation was so interesting that I bought one of his books. At the time I was struggling with Fibromyalgia and trying to work through it. A lot of the book is about how we create the environment in our bodies for certain illnesses to thrive. How we internalize stress and it manifests into some disfunction in our body. It emphasizes how incredibly powerful our mind is, and how we can tune it to work for us rather than against us. After listening to this book, I started trying to meditate when I could, and changed my mindset every morning from "I'm tired" to "I'm excited to see what today brings." I stopped feeling so tired, because I stopped telling myself I was tired. I wasn't looking for evidence that I was tired anymore. Instead, I started looking for evidence of why my day was exciting.

Fat Loss Forever - Layne Norton and Peter Baker

If you want to understand the science of fat loss without it being a textbook then this book is for you. This is the book I read when I was working towards losing 50 lbs after having my second baby. I didn't want to yoyo, or feel super restricted. Most of the information I knew from studying fitness nutrition (once upon a time I was certified), but I love the way they make sense of it. I enjoyed nerding out on it.

Another great book for a weight loss journey is Not A Diet Book - James Smith.This one is less technical, and more about overall wellness, but still teaches basic principals of losing fat.

Atomic Habits - James Clear

I wanted to manage my time better and learn how to get out of the bad habit of procrastinating. Not to mention a bunch of other good and bad habits that needed improving. This book gives you practical strategies for creating a new habit or stopping a bad habit. It will have you evaluating your current habits and seek to improve what's not serving you.

The War of Art - Steven Pressfield

The audible version of this book is great. This book is about how negativity shows up and prevents us from accomplishing the things we wish to create. It opened my eyes to a new perspective about the negative self talk we all have.

Currently I'm reading Dark Horse - Todd Rose and Ogi Ogas which is a fascinating compelation of stories involving seemingly ordinary people that follow some innate curiosity and end up living incredible lives fufilling their purpose. They're true stories. This book in particular is giving me hope during this weird time because it reminds me that we don't know what the universe has in store for us, and if we focus on the intention instead of the outcome we will open ourselves up to the unlimited potential that exsists.

If you have a wonderful book that has influenced you positively, please feel free to share it with me.

Stay well.

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