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How To Protect Your Vibe

Notice when you're in a bad mood and people around you pick up on it without you saying a word? Or, when you're in high spirits and good things seem to be attracted to you like a magnet? It's not coincidence, likely, it's the vibrational energy you're putting out into the universe. You can think of vibes as your emotional state or the feeling you have at a given moment in time. When you're feeling love, gratitude and joy, the vibrational energy put out is at its highest. When you're feeling anxious, depressed and angry, the vibrational energy put out is at its lowest. Low vibrational energy works more like a vacuum, consuming shit that doesn't serve you and seeks to keep the shitty feelings alive. High vibrational energy gives off a sense of peace, and that security allows your vibe to flourish into the world around you. You get to decide which side of vibe you're on. There are at least 2 actionable ways you can influence your vibe, and I have personally practiced these techniques to protect my own vibe during this weird time.

Words Matter

The words you speak, the words you listen to, and the words you write. Language creates your reality, therefore, the words you choose to utilize or the words you allow to receive will influence your vibe. It's a daily practice of mine to be more mindful of the words I choose to speak because either way, positive or negative, those vibes are going to come back to me. It can be really easy to get sucked into complaining but complaining = draining. When you catch yourself projecting negativity, try practicing gratitude. Gratitude is an instant solution for utilizing language in a positive way. Make an active choice to engage in positive conversations and avoid the ones that don't serve you. When it comes to music, become mindful of the lyrics. The words in a song have the ability to speak to you and if you're listening to angry music, you'll feel angry, if you're listening to uplifting music, you'll feel elevated. Music has a huge influence on the vibe of your day. What you choose to listen to will set the tone for your mood. So if you're feeling uneasy, try turning on some music with a mellow beat and positive lyrics. Personally, I find that reggae puts me into happier state of being. You can test this by listening to different music throughout the day and see how it affects your mood. It always amazes me how enjoyable a mundane task like cleaning can become when I put my headphones on.

Visuals Matter

I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza that your body does not know the difference between a situation unfolding in front of you or being created in your mind. Your body is your subconscious. This means, the imagery you expose yourself to throughout your day plays a role in the chemicals/hormones being produced by your brain. So, if you enjoy feeling anxious, continue watching fear inducing shows. But, if you want to "protect" your vibe, a calm, positive vibe, then become mindful of the shows you indulge in. It can be really entertaining to watch murder mysteries or the news. Some times I think we confuse the feeling of being alive with feeling our heart beat out of anxiety. If you're already feeling anxious about situations in life out of your control, then it would be helpful to choose imagery that doesn't play into more of that feeling. It's in your control to reduce the influences of stress and anxiety in your life. I practice this by choosing to watch mostly comedy shows. Laughter is much more enjoyable than fear. Or watching shows that inspire me to overcome adversity. Or watching shows that teach me a skill I want to improve. You can test this by becoming aware of the feelings you have while you watch certain shows or scroll social media. If you're feeling happy and inspired, then it serves you well. If you're feeling anxious or angry, then you may want to reduce the frequency that you inflict discomfort to yourself.

I commonly tell people that I am careful to "protect my vibe." To do this, you have to practice being mindfully aware of your emotional state. Then, influence the feelings you want to experience by listening to music that inspires you, watching shows that make you feel the joy of laughter, or reading stories that fuel your soul. The sensitivity felt towards things that affect our emotional wellbeing are similar to the sensitivity we feel physically when we eat "clean" for a period of time and suddenly revert back to eating crap.

Recently I finished listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear on Audible and the concept I walked away with was focusing on 1% improvements. Improving your wellbeing isn't going to magically happen overnight but making tiny efforts in the things you listen to, watch, and read, will absolutely and incrementally move you towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Stay well.

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