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Do you collect cups too?

I'm not a collector of things and my family will tell you, nothing is sentimental to me. I really treasure few material things, but I seem to have a thing for cups. Specifically protein shaker cups. What started as a free shaker cup with a protein powder purchase turned into a cabinet of cups. Most of which don't close properly. They've been run through the dishwasher so many times they're starting to warp.

I hate not having a cup, so I think my preference for convenience (as in the convenience of not having to wash a dish immediately) got a little out of control. Most days, both Ryan and I, use two shaker cups each. Usually one for pre-workout and one for protein shakes. Then I'd use one for water. By the end of the day, the sink would be full of shaker cups, and sippy cups for the boys. It just seemed like a lot of time spent organizing, washing, taking apart, putting back together. EVERY DAY.

Maybe to you, that might not seem like a big deal. Wash 'em and move on. But being the busy Mom, Wife, Business Woman, Student, Friend, House Cleaner, Chef, person that I am, I just needed some simplicity in my life. That Marie Kondo joy of everything in its right place. Less time spent on a mundane task and a little more organization.

Since we both used at least 2 shaker cups each a day. I bought 4 cups, 2 that are plastic and 2 that are insulated. We each have our own two cups to be responsible for. No more time wasted cleaning after shaking a cup only to find out the lid was warped. Or organizing the cup cabinet (truly, am I the only person who uses an entire cabinet for to-go cups?) Disassembling and reassembling cups.. fighting my youngest son to "get back here with that!" So much time wasted when it could've been simplified all along.

Find a reasonable replacement, limit yourself to what you actually need, and stick with it until it falls apart, then repeat.

This concept of simplifying my cups, was for the purpose of making my life easier, to free up some energy, and to have less choices to waste my time with. Choice is usually a wonderful thing, but when you have too many and you don't know which one to go might end up disappointed with a mismatched cup. Let this be your gentle reminder to get rid of the cups that are missing straws, don't fit together quite right, you haven't had a drink out of in a year or more.

This had me thinking about how I approach dieting. I'll use my own diet as an example (when I say diet, I just mean what I consume, not a "diet" for a specific reason). There are several things I consume on a daily basis. Every single day. They are staples in my diet. I showed you how I like my coffee, that's one constant. I consume the same protein powder every day, sometimes twice a day (and have for 3+ years). I eat cottage cheese with berries nearly every day. The benefit of these constants in my diet is it makes tracking my intake much easier because I only have to worry about 1-3 random foods that I may consume in a day. Since I know the calories in my daily staple foods, I can just focus on making good choices with the remaining calories for the day. Plus, an added benefit is that it's making grocery shopping much easier. My lists tend to contain the same main items every week. My grocery budget is better controlled and when I make an order for pick up (because I use Instacart, otherwise I would be shopping for groceries at 9pm) the apps automatically show me what I usually order, which means I waste significantly less time looking for food I might want to eat.

That's what works for me. I like to try and simplify where I can to make things easier for myself.

Stay well.

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