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What's the best diet for losing fat?

Intermittent fasting? Paleo? Whole30? Keto? Low fat? Atkins? Weight Watchers? Liquid detox? Clean eating? Anti-inflammatory? Or maybe an overly restrictive cookie cutter plan given to you and thousands of other people as part of a "community weight loss challenge?" How about eating for your blood type? Maybe a diet full of powders, pills and potions?

Bottom line is, the only way ANY of these diets work is by putting you in a caloric deficit.

Unfortunately, I don't ever see that vital piece of information as the first step in how these diets work. Instead they focus on attaching some negative association with a food source. A great example of this is the common misconception that carbs make you fat. Or, insulin sensitivity from certain foods make you fat. Eating fat makes you fat or inflammation from gluten makes you fat.

People will sell you hundreds of dollars in supplements to convince you that you need these things in order for your body to do what it naturally does on its own, detox. And, that somehow a detox is the key for fat loss. There are people that believe you need to "jump start" your metabolism, and I'm not sure what that means. You're metabolism doesn't go to sleep until you die. So, there is no need to "jump start" it. Don't get me wrong. There are absolutely ways to increase your metabolism, but it doesn't come in a bottle.

Personally, I have been studying Nutrition since I was a teenager (14+ years). It started as a curiosity I had for myself to improve my physical appearance and over the years became a passion I wanted to share with others. It's transformed from a tool to improve physical appearance to a tool necessary for improving overall wellbeing. My approach to dieting has evolved as my growth in personal development has evolved. There's a connection between our thought patterns and our behaviors when it comes to food. Simply, we get into some bad habits and just need a little shift in our focus to get back on track. This is what I love do to for people.

I don't want anyone to participate in a diet that is overly restrictive, ruins going out to eat, makes parties stressful, or causes you to fantasize about your favorite foods like forbidden fruit. My goal is to teach people how to eat like a normal human and make it simple enough that you don't have to wait for a Monday to start. It should be easy enough that you could start making improvements today with very little effort and without having to throw away everything in the pantry to start fresh.

Feeling depressed about your body is an awful feeling. I know because I've felt that way countless times. Before I knew how to balance my energy requirements, I lived on fast food and soda. I didn't drink water until I was in my 20's. I smoked, I drank, I took pills. I didn't take exercise seriously until I was an adult, and as a kid I never played sports. I've gone from overly restrictive bodybuilding diets to eating whatever I wanted, up and down on the scale for years. Shit, I've even been to a hypnotist to help me overcome binge eating. All of these experiences have helped shape the way I approach coaching my clients. There's no lack of empathy or compassion from me because I've been there and I only want to help you.

It's always going to be beneficial to know how to eat for your unique energy needs because your life is full of change. Don't you want to know how to account for those unexpected changes so you can feel free to experience life without the burden of being on a restrictive diet? I want your nutrition plan to be a part of your lifestyle, not your identity.

If getting healthier, losing weight, or gaining muscle has been in the back of your mind and you haven't made it a priority yet, I want you to know I'm here as a resource for you. Summer is around the corner and I want you to feel comfortable in your skin.

Reach out to me if you would like more info.

Stay well.

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