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When one door closes

You know the rest. Another one opens.

I did not get the donut making job. And although my ego felt slightly wounded, I knew it wasn't meant to be, at least right now. My mother-in-law said to me, "I think you're over qualified to make donuts." I laughed and said, "actually, I'm not qualified at all. I have no professional kitchen experience, never made donuts in my life, and don't even have a food handlers permit." The interesting thing is, they sent me a really nice email letting me know, even complimented me on my professionalism and enthusiasm. I'm not sure if they emailed each person they didn't end up hiring, but it felt special.

One door closes.

Another door opens.

This morning I saw I received a message back from someone interested in creating a nutrition plan for weight loss. When I initially reached out to her, I had a little one on one with my co-creator, God. I said, "if this is what I'm supposed to be doing, I'll get a response." Funny thing is, recently I've been talking a lot about getting back into nutrition coaching. I just always struggled with the fee part, but I'm trying to let that go. Nutrition is one thing that I enjoy learning about, I'm excited to talk about, offer to help people with because I genuinely want people to let go of negative food associations...makes sense that its something I should pursue. The even cooler thing is, I can partner with my personal training sister-in-law to help someone reach their health goal. Whatever the outcome, it makes me excited to participate just putting it together.

In the illusion of money, Kyle Cease tells a story about how he was determined to play piano and wanted 6 months of 1 hour a day piano lessons. He found a teacher, and scheduled his first session. The teacher ended up talking his ear off about money problems and made the experience feel negative. Kyle finishes the full session, pays the man, and later the man starts arguing about a small fee charged for using Paypal. Kyle was ready to pay this man a huge lump sum for 6 months of daily lessons, and decided not to after their interaction over the small fee. The piano teacher got in his own way. He complained about money, but when the money presented itself he wasn't open to receiving it.

I'm working on being more open to opportunity as it presents itself to me. The last thing I want to do is put it out there that I want to make money, but then turn down an opportunity to do so just because it doesn't look familiar.

I'm also working on finishing what I start. I'm always striving to finish what I start, but I'm not going to lie, I don't have a great success rate. It's like having bad credit for mistakes made years ago. You keep putting in the work, but only make tiny incremental improvements over extended periods of time. The way I practice this is by committing to finishing whatever book I start before I start a new one. Usually I have one on audible and a different physical book. Now I have 1 audible, 1 physical for personal growth that requires me to do exercises, and 1 more physical that is purely inspiring read for pleasure. As you can see, I'm pushing the limit of my weakness. Here's the thing, I started an audible book today that I'm not really vibing with. It's interesting, but it's not keeping my attention. However, I made this commitment to finish what I start and now I have to finish 4 more hours of it. I'm hoping somewhere in those 4 hours will be one sentence that resonates with me, and it will make it all worth it. Otherwise, I will strengthen my ability to see things through, even when I feel uninterested.

Also, I would not be able to listen to audiobooks right now if I didn't have airpods. Such an amazing little invention. My mom was boasting about how wonderful they were and offered to get me a pair. Of course I said yes. Now I can listen to music while I do dishes and still hear Caleb asking me a million questions. Or I can listen to an audiobook while we go for a walk, and I can still hear Caleb describe every single thing we see.

That's all I have for now.

Stay well.

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